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Strengthening Links to Industry Through Student Project and Internship

Education is one of the important factors to assess national competitiveness. Whether the higher education system meets the needs of a competitive economy is a key determinant of the educational competitiveness.

According to the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) in 2013, Taiwan ranked 11 th in the international competitiveness among the overall 60 economies. The IMD report states at the outset that national competitiveness is the ability to produce wealth. Stephane Garelli, Director of IMD, pointed out, Taiwan should enhance the development of medium-sized enterprises to the extent of staying on top in their filed-specific so that Taiwan can stay competitive

Academy-Enterprise cooperation can help prepare students for their future career, improve teaching and research environment, create employment opportunities for students. We strive to strengthen academy-enterprise cooperation through student projects and internships. For the student project implementation, we plan to cooperate with domestic tourism, digital content, and cultural and creative industries. And the team teaching from industry experts will help strengthen links to industry. Meanwhile, during the long-term observation and cooperation of the participating students, the industry may also provide internship opportunities for outstanding students to increase their practical experiences.