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About Department

The Mission

The Department of Applied Foreign Languages was founded on August 1, 1999. The mission of the Department is to prepare foreign language professionals suitable for the industry. The Department equips students with linguistic competence, critical thinking, problem-solving ability, global vision, and lifelong learning to become self-actualized national and world citizens. 


The primary educational goal of the Department of Applied Foreign Languages is to equip students with linguistic competence, particularly in English, and to develop their competitiveness in facing the increasing challenge of the future job market. Diverse learning environments and advanced facilities are provided to help students obtain certificates in the domains of foreign languages, business, computer science, and other fields. 


The Department has set five key features as the vision for the current and future development: (1) cross-disciplinary learning, (2) international academic exchanges, (3) industry-academia cooperation and internships, (4) professional volunteering and service-learning, and (5) diverse certificates. A four-year integral curriculum is designed to enhance students’ linguistic competence and communication skills. Fundamental English language skills are emphasized in the first year. Following that, the Department offers two elective modules for students to select: (1) English teaching and translation, and (2) aviation, transportation, and MICE (meetings, incentives, conventions, and exhibitions). The department also carries out industry-academia cooperation projects to help students acquire practical working experience.

Students of this department are required to earn certificates in language and computer software applications during the four-year study. Besides, they are encouraged to engage in international volunteer service to show their care for humanity and participate in overseas study programs or student exchange programs to broaden their horizons and the breath of mind from a global perspective.

The Future

Our Department has been endeavoring to offer students with opportunities for them to go abroad and experience different cultures. We will keep doing this as it is essential for students to equip with global perspectives.

The Students' Future Career

Our graduates have been highly recognized in the industry for years. They have a wide range of selection for their career, such as English teaching, secretarial job in foreign companies, English tour leader, etc. In addition to starting a career, we also encourage students to pursue a higher degree.