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Graduation play

Performing Arts is to integrate listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating in the language ability of the various courses to play, to increase students' courage to express on stage, and to show the students' humanistic characters and their professional foreign language abilities. Students find a script and discuss it with the teacher before deciding on a script, and then they translate or rewrite after detailed discussions. In the one year, teachers in each of the steps actively advise the students.


  • 2013 Six Degrees of Separation
  • 2012 Communicating Doors
  • 2011 A Christmas Carol
  • 2010 The Wizard of OZ Picnic
  • 2009 Madame B Anchorutterfly
  • 2008 Pinocchio
  • 2007 Cupid and PsycheThe MIB (The Man in Bleakness)
  • 2006 Moulin Rouge
  • 2005 All in the Timing



2011 GraduationPlay pohto2100 GraduationPlay photo about A Christmas Carol


2010 GraduationPlay photo 2010 GraduationPlay about:The Wizard of OZ Picnic


2009 GraduationPlay photo about:Madame B Anchorutterfly


2008 GraduationPlay photo2008 GraduationPlay photo about Pinocchio


2007 GraduationPlay photo2007 GraduationPlay photo about Moulin Rouge


2006 GraduationPlay photo about oulin Rouge