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*Summer Study Abroad*

Lunghwa has concluded over a hundred sister universities throughout the world, including USA, Korea, Australia, Japan, India, Canada, U.K. and so on. AFL majors have been in the majority of the participants in overseas study.

Academic Year University Time Participants
91 University of Westminster, UK 2002/7/28~ 2002/8/28 12
92 Illinois Institute of Technology,USA 2003/7/7~ 2003/8/1 2
94 Queen's University,UK 2005/7/29~ 2005/8/23 3
96 Youngstown State University,Ohio,USA 2007/7/7~ 2007/8/2 12

*Exchange Students Studying in the USand Japanwith Scholarship Pr ovided* 

Academic Year Sister Universities Time Name Class
95 Pittsburg State 
University, Kansas, USA
2007/1~ 2007/7 LIU,YU-CHUAN Senior,
Class B
Youngstown State 
University, Ohio, USA
2006/2/1~ 2007/1/3 HE,HO,TAN-LIN Senior,
Class B
Class B
Class A
Class B
Class A
96   Youngstown State 
University, Ohio, USA
2007/8/1~ 2008/7/31 HSU,SHAN-JU Junior, Class A (Night Program)
LIN,MENG-HSUAN Junior, Class A (Night Program)
HU,KU-WEI Junior, Class A
CHANG,MAO-TSEN Junior, Class A
Akita University Tokyo Satellite 2008/04/02~ CHANG,WEN-CHIEH Senior,
Class A
Class A
Class A
98 Youngstown State 
University, Ohio, USA
2009/2/1~ 2009/7/31 TSO,KU-HSIU Junior, Class B
LI,SHIH-HAN Junior, Class B

*Overseas Universities Visits* 

For students who perform well as community cadres or merit students, Office of Student Affairsprovidesopportunities to visit overseas universities. In the academic years of 95 and 96, two AFL majors gained this opportunity. 

Name Universities Time Note
LIU,YU-PENG Islamic Science University of Malaysia (USIM) 2007/07/23~ 2007/07/27 Cadre of Liu-HsuFolk Dance Club
HSIEH,PEI-YU Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
2006/06/29~ 2006/07/03 Merit Student ( Female Dorm Leader)

*Workshop on Content-Based Instruction for Seed Faculty* 

Dr. Alice Thomas, professor of Educational Administration program in University of Minnesota,Twin Cities,visited and shared her teaching strategies with English seed teachers of various departments on March 16 th ~31 st ,2008. 

*Workshopfor Administration Staff* 

To follow the trend of university's internationalization, the exchange professor Dr. Linda Strom instructedadministration staffin English every week 


*World-known Scholars Speech Series*

Scholars Speech photo

Dr. Tim Collins, the English teaching specialist of National Louis University and one of the members of Fulbright Scholar Program, delivered a speech about the cognition of and attitude toward English Learning in the digital eraon October 15, 2007

Dr. Andrew Cohen Take a picture with the teacher
Dr. Andrew Cohen, the English teaching specialist of University of Minnesota and one of the members of Fulbright Scholar Program, delivered a speech about howto successfully learn foreign languageson November 9, 2007

*Workshops on Language Teaching and Learning held by Exchange Professors*

Workshops photo

Dr. Barbara Nykiel Herbert, Youngstown State University(February 2006 – June 2006 )

Dr. Barbara Nykiel Herbert Class photo

Dr. Steve Brown, Youngstown State University(February 2007 –June 2007)

Vice President introduces Dr. Steve Brown

Dr. Thomas Baldwin, University of Minnesota, Crookston(December 8, 2007 – December 12, 2007)

Dr. Thomas Baldwin Class photo

Dr. Linda Strom, Youngstown State University, Ohio(February 2008 – June 2008)

Dr. Alice Thomas & Dr. Bruce Thomas Class photo

Dr. Alice Thomas & Dr. Bruce Thomas, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities(March 16, 2008 – March 31, 2008)